About Us

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Plain shirts specialise in supplying blank apparel to customers both nationally and internationally in both large and small quantities depending on individual needs. We have thousands of different styles, sizes and colours available.


To ensure we are continually offering our customers the best quality and largest range of products, we have developed long-lasting partnerships with both international and national suppliers.

With a large range available, it is guaranteed that customers will find something that suits their tastes and needs whether it be for a personal purchase, sportswear, workwear, business attire or events.


Plains Shirts prides themselves on being able to meet customer expectations no matter what style of clothing they are after. This includes all businesses, brands and events looking for apparel to integrate and customise for brand awareness and for the team to wear.

From the everyday outfit to business attire, high quality and comfort are our top priority


When you purchase apparel through Plain Shirts, you have the opportunity to save huge amounts on items depending on the volume you are looking to buy. The more you buy, the more you save!

If you have any questions or would like to find out any further information about Plain Shirts, please feel free to contact us today.