The Sportage brand was built on its combed cotton selection introduced in 1998. Now in its 17th year, Sportage goes to another level with the introduction of new fashion styles in a retail weight combed cotton 150gm.

The fine feel of combo cotton Surf Tee has been the back bone of the Sportage range with its crossover appeal of 30 colours taking this tee to retail, branding, fashion, events and promotions.

As a general rule, combed cotton garments globally are more expensive than conventional cotton but the Sportage range offers value for money with this extremely soft and strong material which is ideal for making our Sportage cotton range. It’s an excellent choice for garments as it is gentle against the skin.

Furthermore, combed cotton is an extremely soft fabric made by specially treating the cotton fibres before they are spun into yarn. Combed cotton is softer and prints better because it lacks short stick out threads that prickle and is stronger because the shorter and breakable fibres have already been removed by combing.

Sportage uses combed cotton for tees and singlets because of the softness and strength of the fabric. Cotton which has not undergone the combing step tends to be more rough and therefore not print as well.

Custom Sportage Apparel

Customising apparel for your business, brand or event is an extremely beneficial tool for increasing your branding efforts. There are many major benefits of using promotional products like custom blank t shirts as a marketing tactic, these include; increased brand recognition, mass outreach at a low cost, improve customers’ opinion of your company and there is a large array of apparel and products to choose from so that the style, fit and colour fall in line with your business perception.

Shop your favourite styles and choose an apparel item that suits you from Sportage today.