When it comes to blank t shirts, we have it all!

Blank t shirts means that all of our apparel and clothing has no decorations added to them so that you can choose to keep these blank or customise them with a printer to suit your needs and wants.

Many businesses, brands and events order blank t shirts so that they can add their own logo, information, message or necessary partnerships to them so that they become a form of unifying the team and also a brilliant marketing tactic. They usually buy these in bulk and like all companies creating mass clothing, the more you order, the more your prices are going to come down. There you are paying wholesale prices instead of retail – something that you can’t just walk into a store and expect to get.

Our blank t shirts are sourced from a range of different and very well known brands. The only branding on all apparel items is the label inside so that you can see where they have come from and the appropriate size.

In regards to quality, what you get for price to value is exceptional and you can be assured that most items are durable, long-lasting and guaranteed to fit all your needs and wants.

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